Here Comes The Navy



Directed: Lloyd Bacon

Year: 1934

Nominated: Best Film

Plot in 25 Words: Bawdy naval comedy/drama, based on a lingering match of one-up-man ship. Throw in a bit of romance and a near death experience and job done.

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It Happened One Night


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Directed: Frank Capra

Year: 1934

Nominated: Best Film, Best Director – Frank Capra, Best Actor – Clark Gable, Best Actress – Claudette Colbert

Won: Best Film, Best Director – Frank Capra, Best Actor – Clark Gable, Best Actress – Claudette Colbert

Plot in 25 Words: A zany, road trip love story. A newspaper reporter and heiress are forced together on a cross-country expedition. Hilarious multi-Oscar winner –  deserved more.

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Best Picture:

  • It Happened One Night
  • The Barretts of Wimpole Street
  • Cleopatra
  • Flirtation Walk
  • The Gay Divorcee
  • Here Comes The Navy
  • The House of Rothschild
  • Imitation of Life
  • One Night of Love
  • The Thin Man
  • Viva Villa!
  • The White Parade

Best Director:

  • Frank Capra – It Happened One Night
  • Victor Schertzinger – One Night of Love
  • W. S. Van Dyke – The Thin Man

Best Actor

  • Clark Gable – It Happened One Night
  • Frank Morgan – The Affairs of Cellini
  • William Powell – The Thin Man

Best Actress

  • Claudette Colbert – It Happened One Night
  • Grace Moore – One Night of Love
  • Norma Shearer – The Barretts of Wimpole Street
  • Bette Davis – Of Human Bondage

There are no films that jumped out at me, but a few of the names on the acting awards did. Clark Gable and Bette Davis certainly caught my eye. One film with four Oscar wins should also be worth it.

1932/33 – Review



I’m starting to notice a new and disturbing trend. It seems to me that the Oscar board/committee is not overly keen on nominating comedies. Not a lot of laughs in this bunch.

Favourite – A clear winner – Cavalcade. I would watch that again and would happily accept a remake of this. Brilliant concept.

Least Favourite – A tie. 42nd Street or She Done Him Wrong. Not bad films, just instantly forgettable.

I took quite a long break halfway through this set, but I’m back with a renewed vigour. I just hope the films live up to the hype. I did some research lately and bought a couple of books that will hopefully help me with some of the background shenanigans.

1932/33 – Lost Films



Only one film this set.

State Fair – 1933 – Apparently quite a saucy film that had a lot of scenes cut for ‘moral’ reasons.

As far as I can tell, this film is available but I’ve really struggled to find it. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to watch it, I quite want to see Janet Gaynor in a speaking role.