Directed: Lowell Sherman

Year: 1933

Nominated: Best Actress – Katherine Hepburn

Won: Best Actress – Katherine Hepburn

Plot in 25 Words: Highly excitable and equally naive actress” tries to make it big in Hollywood. She gatecrashes, and drinks her way to the top. Without stopping talking.

In My Opinion: Well I was certainly surprised. I think i got myself a little confused with my Hepburns. I was expecting class and glamour and i got a nervous twitchy chatterbox with no refinement at all. And I loved it.

At times (a lot of them!) it was a horrible cringey display. But it worked. Her sincerity and earnestness were painful to watch, but she was relentless in her quest for fame. Exhibiting no shame as she badgered and pestered anyone she had to, to get where she wanted.

Very awkward film.

Star Performer: Well, there could only be one. While she wasn’t what I was expecting, Katherine Hepburn was awesome

Overall: A fairly bleak view of how to make it bug in Hollywood. Throw in some drug taking and casual sex, and this would fit in nowadays.