Directed: Ernst Lubitsch

Year: 1932

Nominated: Best Film

Plot in 25 Words: Maurice Chevalier blah blah blah. Not as offensive as some of his films but nothing special. Some very good songs hidden among the blatant misogyny.

In My Opinion: As sexist and chauvinistic as i started to find Maurice Chevalier, it must be said he’s a fantastic singer. And the songs written for him are fairly hilarious!

“Oh That Mitzi!” had me laughing and cringing in equal amounts. And the title song “One Hour With You” has been stuck in my bloody head since I watched the damn film nearly two months ago!

A “happily” married couple are both tempted to cheat. Maurice is more than just tempted. It obviously all ends happily ever after, but the moral of the story is clear – never marry Maurice Chevalier.

Star Performer: Jeanette McDonald. For once a female co-star with a backbone. She matched him in both personality and voice.

Overall: I’m being predisposed to hating Maurice Chevalier films but this one annoyed me a lot less then some of the others. The songs definitely gave it points. Well written and acted, just fairly dubious morality wise.