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Directed: Sidney Franklin

Year: 1934

Nominated: Best Film, Best Actress – Norma Shearer

Plot in 25 Words: Based on the true love story of two poets, complete with a tyrannical father and a cocker spaniel named Flush. Can their love beat Edward?

In My Opinion: Well of course it can!

I really struggled to understand aspects of this. And it’s based on true events. The patriarch is a bewildering character/man. He refuses to allow any of his children to marry – disinheriting the ones who did! So as a result there is a great deal of sneaking, discovering, and shouting.

There is no mention of incest in the film, despite that being the prevailing opinion of the situation. It’s played subtly by Charles Laughton, but there is a  very creepy undertone.

While the lovers get their happy (runaway) ending, I’m more intrigued about the lives of the siblings left behind. If Edward Barrett was willing o kill his daughter’s dog then what would he be willing to do to his children.

Star Performer: Charles Laughton. Such a presence. Very unsettling.

Overall: A fairly uninteresting plot but the performances really do a lot. Norma Shearer and Charles Laughton are a great match.