Directed: John M Stahl

Year: 1934

Nominated: Best Film

Plot in 25 Words: A through the ages tale of a successful businesswoman and her housekeeper. And their ungrateful children. Hardships, death and troublesome relationships are covered throughout.

In My Opinion: The plot didn’t fill me with much excitement but it surprised me. It was very well acted, and I really love the way the passing of time was handled. Sadly Claudette Colbert was not aged particularly well, she looked exactly the same in the scenes in her 20s as her scenes in her 40s.

It was great to see a film with not just a strong female lead, but in the role of a strong, independent successful woman. She survived her husband’s death, and the stigma of raising a child alone. She built her own business from the ground up and when she found love, she didn’t bend her will to that of her man, and chose her family instead.

The race issues saddened me slightly. A young child/woman so ashamed of her black heritage she would prefer to ‘pass’ as white. It seemed a bit heavy handed, and thrown in to give Louise Beavers something to do besides serve breakfast.

Star Performer: Claudette Colbert. The star who was rightly at the centre. Just a shame she looked so young.

Overall: I really enjoyed it. A very simple story that had me gripped.