Directed: Gregory La Cava

Year: 1934

Nominated: Best Actor – Frank Morgan

Plot in 25 Words: A bawdy comedy set in 16th century Florence. Adulterous ‘monarchy’ sleep around and try to catch each other out, using a sculptor for such purposes.

In My Opinion: I loved this film. Very clever writing and very witty insults.

Not exactly a strenuous film to watch. Very silly and entertaining, though not exactly Oscar worthy. Funny performances for sure, but nothing compared to others in the same field.

In a time travelling story I like my protagonist to at least play at caring. Peter Standish (played by Leslie Howard) just talked out loud about how different the times were, to the confusion of other characters and the frustration of me.

Star Performer: Fredrich March as Cellini. Had the supporting actor category existed yet he might have had a sniff.

Overall: Well worth another watch. Very funny!