Directed: Mark Sandrich

Year: 1934

Nominated: Best Film

Plot in 25 Words: A merry and gay musical all about fake adultery to force a divorce. Just magical. Fred and Ginger set the floor alight. such great dancing.

In My Opinion: Until the credits started rolling I had no idea this was a Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire collaboration. And wow. I’m a bit of a ballroom dancing nerd. I love me some Strictly Come Dancing, so watching these two utter greats was amazing.

They are so renowned for their dancing I wasn’t expecting them to actually be any good at acting so I was pleasantly surprised.

The film was very funny and had such good timing. It also explained a lot about how divorce worked in the 1930s.

Star Performer: Fred Astaire. Charm personified.

Overall: Loved it and can’t wait to see more of their work.