Directed: Jack Conway

Year: 1934

Nominated: Best Film

Plot in 25 Words: A fictionalised biography of Pancho Villa, a Mexican peon fighting for the people’s cause, loyal to his friends, but not the wisest man. True legend.

In My Opinion: I wasn’t looking forward to this at all. i really didn’t think it was my sort of film and I was quite wrong.

Wallace Beery really has a knack for playing the witless, soft at heart oat. He ambles through the film causing such sympathy in me it’s unbelievable. i know nothing of the actual Pancho Villa so have no idea how many of the stories are true, but I liked them.

After a news reporter mistakenly reports a raid, Pancho raids anyway to keep his friend from being a liar. Good story.

Star Performer: Quite obviously Wallace Beery. Not your typical leading man, but very good at it!

Overall: A good film. The fight sequences were pretty well choreographed and looked brilliant.